Redirect system.out to swing jtextarea

2020-04-02 16:09

Guys, I am wondering to to redirect all output of the System. out. println() to a JTextAreaJTextPane? Thanks.The task is to redirect the stdout and stderr to gui JTextArea. So far, I have the followi Redirecting System. out to JTextArea problem (Swing AWT SWT forum at Coderanch) redirect system.out to swing jtextarea

In Swing, if you want to redirect System. err and System. out to a JTextPane or a JTextArea, you only need to override the write() methods of OutputStream to append the text to the text pane instead. The example below shown how to do it with JTextPane.

I don't think it's necessary to redirect System. out at all in your program. . Your question does not outline where the input to the textarea is coming from, so it makes it more difficult to get a picture of what is going on. All you need to do is use the append() method on your JTextArea object to add text to it. . The OP has used a technique of redirecting the System. out so it prints to the a JTextArea, which, I hope, they got from this example. What they need to do is take the time consuming process of looping over the files and decrypting them to a different thread. redirect system.out to swing jtextarea Sep 07, 2002 Re: Cannot redirect System. Out to a JTextArea component Jan 8, 2002 11: 11 PM ( in response to ) i think you need to have a look at the invokeAndWait and the invokeLater methods in SwingUtilities. you can't update swing from outside the 'swing' thread

Hey guys I am making a terminal application using Swing and Apache Commons. I was able to redirect System. out and System. err to a JTextArea easily but how do I do that for System. in? Will I need to override Inputstream methods? Do I need to convert the String from JTextArea to byte array and then pass it to InputStream? Code examples would be nice. redirect system.out to swing jtextarea The TextAreaOutputStream extends the java. io. OutputStream class and overrides its write(int) method overload, this class uses a reference to a control instance and then appends output to it whenever its write( int b ) method is called. more thing ); to print some text on the standard output console for the purpose of debugging and testing. However, there would be some cases in which we want the text goes into a Swing component such as a JTextArea Yes i tried it, as i said earlier also, jtextarea was displaying the output for certain duration of time and after running the application for some time, as mentioned by Steve, probably due to race condition problem used to occur. For now i moved those codes to actionperformed method and i ran the application and it was fine until that duration of running and then i stopped the application. Now if May 05, 2018 Redirect the output of System. out. println() to a Swing gui Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub. Redirect the output of System. out. println() to a Swing gui Raw. import public class

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