Introduction of water supply system

2020-04-02 16:34

This course provides an introduction to selecting water sources and determining water requirements for developing suitable sources of supply from ground or surface water sources. You will learn how to determine water requirements for a development and how to size its water supply system.Introduction to general design of domestic service water supply systems with pressurized or gravity tanks. Sponsored Links. The purpose with a domestic service water supply system is to provide consumers with enough hot and cold water. In old buildings it is common with gravity storage tanks on the top floor of the building. introduction of water supply system

In Introduction to Water Supply Engineering, students learn the responsibilities of environmental engineers, including providing safe drinking water, treating wastewater, and minimizing pollution in rivers, lakes and oceans. Introduction to Water Supply Engineering describes the concepts and principles of water supply engineering.

Water supplies may be obtained from surface or ground sources, by expansion of existing systems, or by purchase from other systems. The selection of a source of supply will be based on water availability, adequacy, quality, cost of development and operation and the expected life of Water supply system. Of all municipal services, provision of potable water is perhaps the most vital. People depend on water for drinking, cooking, washing, carrying away wastes, and other domestic needs. Water supply systems must also meet requirements for introduction of water supply system Introduction. Water is used for a variety of purposes, including drinking, food preparation, irrigation and manufacturing. Although water covers more than 70 of the Earths surface, less than 1 of that resource is available as fresh water and this is not evenly distributed throughout the world.

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