Army officer education system regulation

2020-04-02 17:40

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ARMY OFFICER PROFESSIONAL MILITARY EDUCATION SYSTEM REFORM TO PRODUCE LEADER COMPETENCY FOR THE FUTURE. Events over the last two decades have created the most complex strategic environment in the history of the United States. Most would agree that the next twenty years could produce an exponentially more difficult challenge for our military.

Serve as the functional chief representative for the Education Services Civilian Career Program (CP) and Career Field 31 and justify and manage Army Civilian Training and Education Development System (ACTEDS) funded training and development for CP 31, Education Services. Organizational requirements identified and validated under this regulation result in a graduate education plan to satisfy those requirements. However, the approval of a position as AERS does not directly result in the education and assignment of an officer to fill that position. army officer education system regulation (chap 5). o Prescribes the use of United States Army Training and Doctrine Command Forms, Noncommissioned Officer Education System Instructor Observation Rubric (appendix G), 600 212, Master Instructor Board Member Appraisal Worksheet, and, Master Instructor Board Recommendation (Appendix J).

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