Sub slab depressurization system radon

2020-04-02 18:02

Feb 13, 2017 It is a type of radon mitigation system that pulls radon gas and other gas from the soil below a concrete slab. Installation of a Class A SubSlab Depressurization System must meet all EPA recommendations, as well as all local building, electric, and plumbing codes.Mar 17, 2018 A subslab depressurization system is a type of active soil depressurization system that requires the radon technician to dig what is known as a suction point or collection pit under the slab. Many newer homes have sump pump systems and draintile systems that allow for increased field extension under the slab of the home. sub slab depressurization system radon

Radon Mitigation System Information. Standard Subslab Depressurization Systems are installed in homes or businesses with slab flooring. The radon mitigation system is made up of PVC piping and involves running the piping from the subslab radon collection

Jan 30, 2010 Subslab depressurization or subslab suction is probably the most reliable and effective radon mitigation technique. It involves an insertion of a pipe (usually 4 inches in diameter) through the floor slab into the soil or gravel under the foundation. This can be done either from inside the house, or inserted under the slab from the outside. SubSlab Depressurization Systems. A subslab depressurization system consists of PVC piping installed through the slab floor and a fan connected with the piping. When the system is on, the fan applies a vacuum beneath the slab and the vapors in the soil beneath the building are directed outside. This is the most common method of radon mitigation. sub slab depressurization system radon HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) The ability to move air under the home is very important when reducing radon in the home. This is where knowledge and experience make a difference and why its important to choose the right mitigation company. In short, a subslab depressurization system consists of a PVC pipe sealed to a hole cut into the slab.

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